Here are some other samples of work that I have produced or helped produce with others. DITY Tuesdays. These are a few of the many episodes to help boost Pinterest followers for the radio station. Here is also a recording of me on the radio with Uncle Henry! Great experience! Uncle Henry Show with Clear Channel Radio


Throughout my college studies I have developed the knowledge to handle many computer systems and equipment that is necessary to fulfill the job. The typical office operations I can manage are Microsoft Word, Works, Excel, PowerPoint,and Outlook. For radio, I can operate the boards and Adobe Audition. For TV and Film, Avid was the software provided but willing to learn how to operate Adobe Premiere and/or Sony Vegas. I am currently in the process of learning Photo shop and anything in relevance to it. Here are some examples of work I have done with Adobe Audition: Airbus Parody


Even though TV and Film are growing swiftly in popularity, Radio is holding strong and is also developing ways to mold itself with the times. With that here are some examples of video and audio productions created to show my production skills: Colton's audition video , S'mornanas


Some attributes that I posses is my dedication to learning and expanding my knowledge about everything I can. Having this determination will allow me to excel in anything that I put my mind to. Yet I am a team player and do my part to make something work even if that means I need to sit back and let others take charge. Someone in leadership knows when to let others talk or handle a situation especially if they are qualified to do so.


A current graduate from University of South Alabama who studied Communication and History, my main focus of study was for Radio Production but well qualified to operate in the TV and Film industry. I enjoy music, history, and traveling and feel that these combinations can help to bring the determination and energy need for my career choice. With the skills used for research in history, I have applied those same skills in Communications and applying them to the projects.